Easy TimeTracking !

Directly from your calendar

Supports Google & Apple calendar


No double administration

One source: your calendar

More time

No more forgotten hours

No discussions

Detailed reports and invoices

Simple as 1 - 2 - 3


stap 2 - agendauren

stap 2 - agendauren


Your calendar is leading

Do you modify your calendar, then the tracked time is changed as accordingly

Do you change a event in, then your calendar is adapted accordingly

Start-Stop supports Start-Stop tracking. The Start-Stop event is stored in your calendar, and be modified here as well.


Use an additional tag to track time on a subproject. So @projectX @installation is a subproject of @projectX.


All is synced to your calendar, also if you change events in

Overview shows you an overview of your tracked time, in reports and in graphs. You can filter on projects, subprojects, tags, and more.


Easily export the tracked times and details together with your invoice.

Missing feature?

You think TimeTag is handy, but missing a feature? Let us know!

TimeTracking made easy!

Timetracking from your calendar.

No additional timetracking administration

Detailed and summarized reports.

Supports Google and Apple calender.

TimeTrack where ever you are.

Detailed description of your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?

Yes, for the basic version will always be free. The basic version is one person and includes exporting your calendars based on tags. So you can always access your tracked time.

Right now, is being developed and all features will be available for all users. In the future advanced features will be paid

Can I make an invoice with focusses on collecting your time-entries. You can make a detailed list of items, so you can easily add the total sum on the invoice. Making an invoice on the roadmap, either by implementing in within, or by integrating with other services.

Is secure?

Yes, is secure. We use a secured server, and does not store your calendar-events, they are left at your calendar.

Can I store my timetracking in another Calendar?

Yes, you can. Both Google and Apple support multiple calendars for a single account. Add a Calendar in your Google or Apple-account, and set this new calendar in You can set to read/write both your normal calendar and this new calendar for timetracking, or to read/write only to this new timetracking calendar.